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Welcome! My name is Kohmei MIZUNO. This is my stage name, given by Goro YAMAGUCHI, a living national treasury (Ningen Kokuho), of whom I have been studying Shakuhachi for more than 30 years. I feel happy that I could have learned from such an excellent teacher both musically and humanically.

The Shakuhachi sound is very special and strikes the Japanese' sentiment. I have also experienced that the sound impresses the western mind as well, when I hold a concert in Europe or U.S.

I am living in Kunitachi(along Chuo Line, JR) some 30 km west of central Tokyo. If you are interested in Shakuhachi music, please contact me. Teaching in English is available. In German too. (But music cannot be taught by language!) It may be also helpful for those who are interested in Japanese music to see below described "Concerts of Japanese Music"(which is still under construction: Sorry!), in which various concerts of shakuhachi and koto music are introduced.

In the last part of this page you will find some sites linked, regarding shakuhachi, mostly described in English. If you understand Japanese, my japanese page contains other Japanese links.

Concerts of Shakuhachi & Other Japanese Music

Only Japanese versions are available

Concerts in which Mizuno is playing

Other Recommendable Concerts
Sorry, only the Japanese version is available.

Shakuhachi CD samples "Zen Shakuhachi Duets"

I have recorded duet pieces (honkyoku) with John Singer in 1991 in San Francisco. Short samples follow. For purchasing the CD, contact John Singer or me.

Recorded in 1991 in San Francisco
By John Singer & Mizuno Kohmei

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