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Information of TeX and Computer Modern fonts.

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[BadFonts] Aren't your fonts old and ugly?

In 1992, Professor Donald E. Knuthre-designed part of his Computer Modern fonts. However someone/some sites still use old fonts. (Oh, yes, actually, we used it :-) See Important Message to all Users of TeXby Prof. Knuth.

[Fonts] Computer Modern PostScript fonts

Computer Modern fonts are designed by Prof. Donald E. Knuth, the father of TeX. Documents written with TeX use these fonts by default.

Blue Sky Researchis the company that provides TeX environment for Macintosh named "TEXTURES" and many font sets, including Computer Modern fonts in PostScript Type-1 format. Many people say their fontset has plenty of quality. Recently, Blue Sky Research announces the release of their "Computer Modern PostScript fonts" into public domain.

* Download

You can get these fonts from CTAN sites. Look for CTAN mirror site nearest to you. If you are in Japan, try the following addresses.

change directory into fonts/cm/ps-type1/bluesky/ for CM fonts, or fonts/amsfonts/ps-type1/ for AMS fonts. Then download appropriate font archive(s) for your environment.

* Goodies of PS Type-1 fonts

The most popular font format for TeX is Packed bitmap format, called PK format. In TeX Archives CD-ROMthere are many PK fonts for printers of many resolution. Compared PK fonts with PS Type-1 fonts, I think the following:

PK fonts

PS Type-1 fonts

The best point for me is that I don't have to make fonts with different sizes. In proceedings of Society of Naval Architecture, font sizes are specified in Japanese traditional "Q" number which isn't fit for "pt" (point) specification.

* Quality of fonts

In Japanese book "LaTeX Jiyuu-Jizai", Computer Modern PostScript fonts by Blue Sky Researchis mentioned as the best fonts in Type-1 format. But which is better between them and PK fonts? I compared two samples with these two kinds of fonts in 600 dpi.

As both sample is written in the same CM fonts, results are very similar. But comparing in detail, I found lower-case characters are different a little. In our laboratory many people (including I) felt PS Type-1 is better, but some people felt PK better. (People who mentioned "I don't care" is also majority :-P)

Note: This comparison may be unfair. Although the best way to get beautiful PK fonts is to make them by METAFONT program with correcting sizes and blackness to fit for output devices, I used the fonts that my friend gave me. If I made and used fonts fit for our printers, the result might have been different.

You can download PS file written with Computer Modern PostScript fonts, or more precisely, Computer Modern Roman fonts in 12pt.

[Down] cc.ps (PS file)   [Down] cc.tex (LaTeX2 source file)

* Usage of Computer Modern PostScript fonts

* Usage of Computer Modern PostScript fonts with dvi2ps-j


* Use Computer Modern PostScript fonts with Ghostscript

Ghostscript reads "Fontmap" file which has a table of relations between fontnames and filenames. So the only thing you should do is to add entries to this table.

Note: Fonts distributed with Ghostscript 3.0x or later are made by URW++ Design and Development Incorporated, and have far more quality than those with Ghostscript 2.x. The old Ghostscript can also handle these new fonts.

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